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We are so glad to present our Dentsply Sirona Dental Lab which is the first totally Digital dental lab in Upper Egypt to serve all dental clinics and our great dentists.

Our Global Dental Lab as we say is a totally digital lab created by all Dentsuply Sirona machines and equipment also.

In Our Global Dental Lab, we use the best materials in the world to provide you with the highest level of quality and  to ensure the best medical services, such as Cercon Densuply Sirona Zirconia Discs with true color technology with the most accurate shades in the world this make our dentists comfort and relaxing  during taking the patient shades.

In addition, we use the Densply Sirona stain and Glaze kite that includes all the natural colors to give the most natural teeth shade all the time for the patient.

This is our dream and our goal to give our dentists the best quality we can afford all the time.



Whatever you need! Our technology support to implement all requirements with the highest level of quality.

Inlay / Onlay

Inlay / Onlay

Accuracy is the main concept to make all required measurements through the latest technology in the world.



Distinctively re-engineer revolutionary meta-services and premium architectures re-engineer revolutionary.



The best materials in the world are used with true color technology with the most accurate shades in the world.


Endo Crown

Distinctively re-engineer revolutionary meta-services and premium architectures re-engineer revolutionary.

Global Dental Lab
Travel Explained

Through our process, we pass with more stages according to clear sequence to provide you with the highest quality to be aware with all updates and follow up the crown making process.

Step 1


Through InEOS X 5, all details become very clear to be detected, as it is the most accurate scanner all over the world with 2.1 micron scanning accuracy to ensure showing the most accurate details in dental impressions.

Step 2


The new inLab CAD Software is even more closely aligned with the requirements of CAD/CAM systems in the dental laboratory. As a separate CAD component, the software is independent of the scanning and production unit.

Step 3


In our Global Dental Lab we use the last version of Dentsply Sirona milling machine MCX5 2020
which is the most accurate milling machine all over the world to make the best results together with you.

Step 4


The state-of-the-art Multimat2Sinter sintering furnace has been
designed for processing zirconium oxide restorations with a high
degree of effciency. With its advanced technology, it is perfectly suited for processing zirconium oxide restorations.

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Global Dental Lab
Specialized Team

Our Global Dental Lab Operators are Special Digital Dentist’s trained and certified by the mother Campany Dentsply Sirona and all our products are managed by the quality controlled by Dentsply Sirona certifying trainers to ensure the best quality in Egypt.

Global Dental Lab

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