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Quality, it’s our job! So GDL is here to provide you as a dentist with the highest quality for gaining your patients’ satisfaction.


    Committed to



    Whatever you need! Our technology support to implement all requirements with the highest level of quality.

    Inlay / Onlay

    Inlay / Onlay

    Accuracy is the main concept to make all required measurements through the latest technology in the world.



    The highest quality in all details is the key to implement all you need for you and your patients’ satisfaction.



    The best materials in the world are used with true color technology with the most accurate shades in the world.


    Endo Crown

    Till it’s a part! But all the smallest details are achieved with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

    Fully Digital

    The process is fully digital to ensure your comfort and providing you with the best quality and highest accuracy.
    Your digital process with our Global Dental Lab is achieved through these sequences:

    • Selecting
    • Uploading
    • Following up
    • Tracking
    • Checking
    • Selecting the required crown type.
    • Uploading your case requirements.
    • Following up on your order from the technical side with our dentists.
    • Tracking the order journey through our website until it will be in your clinic.
    • Checking your case history, for each case there is a file that includes all details about on our website.

    you can check
    Our Material


    Zirconia is the strongest material for dental restorations.

    An ideal solution for long span bridges and stress bearing areas. It is extremely durable and 100% biocompatible. GDL uses latest generation zirconia with pre-shades for superior esthetics, milled fully digital “monolithic”, with no risk for chipping.



    Zirconia mutli-layered,

    enjoy the known strength and durability of zirconia with native shade gradient and higher translucency, for lifelike esthetics. An excellent material for anterior crowns and veneers.



    E-MAX are made from lithium desilicated ceramic,

    a material that has been harvested for its translucent color and durability. An ultimate option where minimal preparation of 1 mm is needed.
    For veneers, a prep-less or minimal invasive preparation, E-max can be milled with margins as low as 0.3 mm.



    Made by E-max lithium desilicated,

    with special process that enjoys the digital design, and hand crafted press, for more cost efficient E-max restorations.


    Choose your
    Order Plan

    You have two options to make your order, quality is not an option!

    GDL Gold Standard
    When the quality is the standard for each case! No more frustrations; treat your patients with confidence that every case would be delivered with a standard of quality with ONE Year warranty
    • Place your order online with full case requirements
    • 100% digital process , no human error
    • Certified Dentists design and monitor all steps
    • State of the art DentSply Sirona technology, frequently calibrated
    GDL Platinum Signature
    When Unique Dentist is demanding, Exclusive art signature is the answer!
    • Sophisticated case process with a touch of our Dentist/artist , ensure platinum quality with FIVE YEARS replacement warranty
    • Exclusive packaging for every case, designed with patient in mind,
    • Your patient see the quality before enjoying in mouth.
    • Follow up your case; consult with our team and check design real-time
    • Your account with dashboard ,easy review for all your cases history
    Save Time
    Through our digital solutions, your time is saved and well managed to do a lot of things at one time.
    The Highest Quality
    In our Global Dental Lab, our technologies and experts ensure the highest level of quality.
    Less Effort
    To ensure your effort and make progress in the work through our technology.
    Our Global Dental Lab is well equipped with the latest technology in the world dentistry to ensure the highest accuracy.

    View our devices
    Dental devices

    GDL is based on the latest version of dental devices and machines in the world to ensure the highest quality for you and your patients.


    One scanner, All options.inEos X5

    The inEos X5 was developed according to the highest quality standards for optical measuring systems. It has quickly become established on the market as the reference scanner. The inEos X5 ensures greatest accuracy for all digitization work of interest to the dental technician.

    • Intelligent scanning technology: with its robot arm, unique 5-axis scanning technology and large working area
    • Outstanding accuracy and highest depth of field
    • Clear software interface and intuitive operation result in digital models with just a few clicks

    Milling MachineMCX5 2020

    Freedom of processing for dental technicians

    The inLab MC X5 was designed as a universal five-axis production unit to meet dental laboratory requirements for cost-efficient production. Dentsply Sirona offers your laboratory more independence in terms of material and indications as well as the processing of external CAD data.


    Sintering withinLab Profire

    Proven technology

    The new inLab Profire sintering furnace for zirconium oxide and non-precious metal restorations integrates proven process technology in a new design.

    High-quality, tried and tested, heating elements and a homogeneous temperature distribution in the furnace chamber guarantee precise temperature control throughout the entire sintering process – for reproducable, high-quality results.

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    Quality, it’s our job! So GDL is here to provide you as a dentist with the highest quality for gaining your patients’ satisfaction.

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